Thursday, 5 November 2009

*****IMAGE RIGHTS*****

Not simply linking into your graded requirement to make links to the real world of media production, but also as it is an important issue in its own right, please ensure you address the potentially thorny issue of image rights. Next year you will find yourself having to sign forms for the Film Festival certifying your right to reproduce the image of anyone involved, a standard procedure should you want to screen your work in any context. This is a very serious concern for Media Studies, so either design a form yourself or use this TEMPLATE - get anyone and everyone, INCLUDING EXTRAS, to complete and sign one, and then pass on to me to keep filed in F6 (if you want to keep for your own records, photocopy before you pass it on). This is a hassle for both you and me ... but is actually good practice, and reflective of actual media practice.

If you google 'image rights form template' you'll find plenty more

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