Friday, 15 January 2010

Getting Started: A Touch of Sweding

After all your hard work leading up to the exam, and to see us through the remainder of the exam period when classes will be disrupted to a degree, we switch focus to the coursework unit (worth 50% of the AS), and ease our way in with a hopefully rather fun task...

As the document below details, 'sweding' is the term for recreating (typically in a humorous way) movies in a low-tech, zero-budget fashion, and that is what you are going to attempt to research, plan, shoot and edit by the end of Thursday 21st, to screen on Friday 22nd!

You could make a real headstart on your coursework by incorporating the Preliminary Task within this - use the document to get details of this (and start a new coursework folder to keep handouts such as this).

Before we embark on the couursework, one crucial point to remember: the practical work must reflect what you've learnt from the theory (exam-based) unit; 40% of the marks for your coursework are based on written work, not the film production itself.

As Cwk Overview Jan 2010                                                         

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