Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sweding task: a note on blogging

Absolutely everything we do from now until your work is submitted should be reflected on your blog, with the sweding task no exception.

You should comment on:
  • what is sweding/where does the term come from
  • provide links to (better still, embed) an example/s from YouTube (from home!) or alternatives
  • your initial shortlist of possible films
  • detail your 30sec pitch
  • what film did you go with and why
  • any initial reflections on using iMovie and the camcorders/tripods themselves?
  • once your finished piece is saved as a QuickTime file, upload and embed this
  • either give precise timings or cut a shorter film with the prelim task featured, making sure you explain what each of the required terms mean
  • in due course you will have to analyse how you developed from this prelim task to the main production, so good notes now will help!
  • with this in mind, make some brief notes on what you've learned in general from this task
  • if this actually was your main production what would you do differently?
From the very start, try to ensure your blog is fully multimedia and well illustrated with relevant* images; avoid at all costs long continuous paragraphs - feel free to use bullet points!!!

*you can always try quirky too, such as the vegetable variety of swede pictured here...

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