Monday, 18 January 2010

Tips and reflections from the Class of 2009

I'm rather hoping that the current A2 bunch will dedicate some of their time and know-how to pass on production pointers...
They did do rather well, the bulk getting As and Bs, so are well worth listening to!
(And of course you can still buy copies of their tremendous work on DVD for a bargain 300 new pence!)


Sam said...

Don't leave it all until the last minute. Make sure you make a production schedule and that you stick to it, allowing time for re-shooting following feedback.
Also, update your blog as you go along so that you don't miss out any important information.

Bethan Herbert said...

Do not leave your blog to the last minute or else you will have loads to do and you wont have time to do you evaluation as well as it could be as your evaluation is worth a lot of marks. Do it as you go along, seriously it is so much easier.
Always plan before you shoot your scenes! If you don't you'll end up re-shooting loads and this is such a blag!

Lorna Kennedy said...

Make sure you start researching your soundtrack early as it's quite difficult to find copyright free music.