Friday, 26 February 2010

FORUMS: For, Um, You!

Have you used any online forums yet? Remember, as a general principle you should aim to demonstrate your use of a wide range of (new) media technologies in the process of creating your production. You might post on a forum to take part in a debate, or even to get some audience feedback (perhaps suggestions for titles, taglines, character names, useful films to watch comparable to your idea, etc)
Some of the links in below (copied from another post) feature forums.
Remember too to try and give some detail of how you go about finding such sites/forums, assuming you're not simply relying on links posted here: detail your search terms, and how you narrow down your results (if relevant)

Just tidying up my bookmarks and thought the following might be useful (if not already posted):
on slashers: (the site and article; free e-zine to sign up to and a forum);; (not the best written, but a very useful site and a forum)
rom-com/'chick flick': (useful analysis, including an historical overview, and range of examples) 

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