Friday, 28 September 2012

Sweding task: deadline 5th Oct

Your Media workload for the next week is as follows:
  1. Upload your prelim to your individual YouTube channel; embed this into a post titled Prelim
  2. Blog on another post titled Learning from prelim task - you should discuss what you've learned about Final Cut Express 4 (which tools you've used etc - screenshots are vital); what media language is used in your prelim (name the specific terms and explain each - screenshots would be useful) + how these techniques combine to form common characteristics of continuity editing (if unsure what this is research it!!!) you will have noted most film examples we've looked at employ continuity editing)
  3. Improve upon your post on the media lang used in a 30sec+ sequence of a film you've selected - make sure you've actually used a sequence with good shot variety to give you something to write about
  4. Blog post titled 'Sweded films explained' (we'll be discussing this today)
  5. Blog post titled 'My swede pitch', in which you'll outline your idea for a sweded film the class can tackle (we may pick more than one project to work on). Use whatever multimedia you think you need to communicate and sell your idea, and make sure you've worked out what props, locations etc are needed and that it can be shot and edited quickly
  6. Planning, shooting and editing the swede
  7. Blogging on planning; the shoot; and the editing process
  8. Uploading and embedding the final cut and reflecting on what you've learnt from this process
  9. We'll watch the final cuts in Friday's lesson
To get started, here's a classic swede:

Now here's Jack Black + director Michel Gondry explaining the concept (which they invented for their film Be Kind Rewind):

You can find further info (useful for blogging) at:
Urban Dictionary;;
Guardian article: are sweded movies the end of Hollywood as we know it? [this is also v useful for the exam and your Evaluation]
Absolutely everything we do from now until your work is submitted should be reflected on your blog, with the sweding task no exception. You should blog on what a swede is/where the term comes from' your idea + pitch; the idea selected for group production (you could take some of this from the post of whomever pitched it - you do need some vid clip/s to illustrate the film selected; the planning + challenges (organisation) involved in achieving this; any learning on hardware or software; the completed swede uploaded to your own channel and embedded in your blog; reflection on the process - what might you do differently/better if doing this again (eg more shot variety, better planning/organisation, better use of costume/props + consideration/manipulation of location/s and mise-en-scene).

From the very start, try to ensure your blog is fully multimedia and well illustrated with relevant* images; avoid at all costs long continuous paragraphs - feel free to use bullet points!!!

*you can always try quirky too, such as the vegetable variety of swede pictured here...

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