Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Uploading your video work to date

Everything you've done on film so far should now be on your blog: microdrama, mise-en-scene task, swede (if done) and prelim. There should be a separate post for each ... with commentary and reflection on what you've learned from doing this. The idea of the blog is that it is a record of the learning that took place, reflecting how your knowledge and skill have developed over time; so try to ensure your blog posts are published in a logical order.
TIP: if you want to reorder posts open up two tabs; a 'New Post' in one and the edit window for an existing post; copy/paste across the post you want to be more recent, and delete the original post, if necessary, from within your list of posts.
There are many ways you can add video to your blog. Blogger itself has a video upload tool ... its rubbish; don't use it!!!
What you want to be doing is to upload your video to a hosting site such as YouTube and use the embed code that will be generated to include the video directly in your blog post. The principle is that anyone looking at your blog should be able to press play and watch the video - NOT have to go through to another website.
You can always look at my blogs, or past student blogs, to see what I mean here.

As you progress, you should be setting up your own individual YouTube channels - a very simple, quick process, but it looks slick! This will also enable you to easily seek audience feedback via Facebook and suchlike. For now, YouTube remains blocked in school - hopefully a situation which will change.
If you want to get all your current film files uploaded now, you can use the video upload site Vimeo - here's a link to an example:
You can see there is a button for embedding; you simply click on this, as with YouTube, copy the code and paste into your blog post; click publish and it will appear!

You should also be passing on a copy of your exported film files (this includes rough cuts when we get to that stage) so that they can be published on the IGSMediaStudies YouTube site, and screened in class for feedback (and entertainment!). Assuming we have all the files, you'll get a chance to watch back all the work done so far by yourselves and the other class on the last day (actually the Thursday for 12A!).

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