Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Your pitches: footage!

I've just about finished going through these and cutting separate clips for each pitch (iMovie file on Mac5 desktop). You should now upload these to your blog in a post titled "My Pitch"
To do this you need to ...
  1. create a new iMovie project
  2. name it "[YourName] Pitch"
  3. find your clip from the iMovie project "AS Pitches 13Dec2010"
  4. drag and drop this into your new project file
  5. drag this in your new project onto the timeline and export (full quality) to create a QuickTime movie
  6. copy the film file onto your memory stick
  7. close your iMovie project
  8. drag both your project file and the exported film file into the "AS Pitches" folder on the desktop
  9. upload your pitch using your YouTube channel, and...
  10. embed into your blog post, adding detail of how you think the pitch went, and perhaps reflecting a little on the experience of pitching!
Next step is to create another blog post ("Group and initial idea") where you include a photo of your group and give their names, then outline (bullet points are fine) your initial idea from your early discussions

Well done to all of you - its not an easy thing to do, and you all coped admirably! A couple of questions arose during the filming of these: what is a working title; can we use any music of our choice? The answers...
A working title is not just the name of your main British film case study but a possible title given to a film project at any stage up to the release of trailers and the actual release; so Halloween had the working title Babysitter Murders, and Scream had the working title of Scary Movie!
You cannot use any copyright music ... but will be shown how to use Garageband on the Macs to create your own, and can record your own version of an existing track if you know any musician types! You can also effectively commission a musician (there are some very talented musicians and composers who study music at this school!) to create your soundtrack; crucially you'd have to evidence how you direct this work and instruct the composer on what you're after. Watch past AS work - most of these created their own, despite never having done anything like this before!

While I was working on your pitches footage I got an email which illustrates how ingrained the notion of pitching is within the film business (indeed, across the media and creative industries) ... note the last line from this extract!

Screen Yorkshire is seeking applications for TRIANGLE, a unique development opportunity aimed at fostering creative collaboration between feature film writers, directors and producers in the North of England. The scheme, a partnership between Screen Yorkshire, Vision + Media and Northern Film & Media with support from the Skillset Film Skills Fund, is open to all filmmakers based in Yorkshire and Humber, the North West and North East of England.

TRIANGLE is an extensive six-month mentoring initiative intended to support the development of writer-producer-director teams and new collaborative feature film projects. There will be a selection process throughout the programme, and the surviving teams will pitch the best projects to an industry panel in June 2011 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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