Sunday, 9 January 2011

Creating a treatment UPDATED

I've added an eg from current AS Media below. Note the clear sub-headings, use of images, prominence of working title, names + blog/YouTube info!!! Also, images are pushed in neatly with text, not set out in an acre of white space!
I've tweaked this further. Please note the basic design features:
  • large, prominent film title
  • the word 'treatment' isn't used!
  • font altered + increased for sub-headings, neatly worked in with paragraphs
  • names, blog + YouTube URLs prominent
  • group pic/s
  • images flush in with text
  • no chunks of white space at the bottom of pages
  • use of text boxes to add info to pictures
  • brief summary followed by more detail on some topics

Charlotte Faye Spotlight Love Treatment DB EDIT                                                            

Here's an example of a treatment for a music video by A2 Media students from another (award-winning) centre:
Initial Voodoo Child Treatment                                                            

Yours doesn't have to be like this, but should successfully enable anyone reading it to get the gist of what you're working on!
  • THE GROUP: who's in it; any clear roles/specialisms/[relevant] interests? Include your blog URLs
  • THE BRIEF: (create the opening 2mins of a new feature film, including titles and an original soundtrack)
  • SYNOPSIS: in a sentence or 2, the essence of your film idea - MUST be brief!!! Start it off with a standalone sentence: ITS X MEETS Y, comparing yours to 2+ existing films
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: who its aimed at + why
  • GENRE: brief summary of key genre codes, conventions, practitioners, companies etc
  • LINKS TO GENRE: (can combine with above) detail which films are influencing your work (be precise and specific)
  • MISE-EN-SCENE: LOCATIONS, PROPS, COSTUMES, MAKE-UP ETC: Some detail on these, again highlighting links to industry practice (ie existing texts)
  • CAST + CREW NEEDED: This is part of the reason I want these (so, yes, once completed email or pass to me on USB stick!): think about any roles, not just casting (perhaps composer, player of specific instrument/s, make-up etc), required. If your cast is sorted, great; provide images - either way, give brief profiles of the character role, using indicative images of egs from existing texts to illustrate what you're thinking of. Indicate deadlines for expressions of interest, and/or place/time for meetings (perhaps combine with other groups)
  • CONTACT DETAILS: if you're after potential volunteer personnel they need to be able to contact you. You could as a group set up a new joint email account (simply share out the login details), which would look good if named after 1 of your companies! Use 1 of your personal emails if need be, but don't include any personal mobile nos. on this

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