Thursday, 13 January 2011


I've updated the earlier list - if your working title has changed, please let me know by commenting below.
I've also embedded, after the groups list, a grid showing where each group is saving their film work. You can do general viewing/blogging/research work on any spare machine, but must upload + edit using this Mac only. That will ensure that no more than 2 Media groups will be trying to access any Mac at any given time - as we near the deadline you'll often want to do some work in frees, lunch, after school etc, so this maximises the chances of the computer with your footage being free to use.
Check you've set up a folder on the external hard drive (Lacie) named:
2010-11 FORENAME FORENAME FORENAME (eg 2010-11 Gina Jess)
At least once a week, copy this onto the desktop as a backup.
If you have any other files on the desktop especially, please move them into this folder (each person can set up individual folders within this if they want to), and make sure you have emptied the trash from any completed projects to save hard drive space.

If the stolen Macs are replaced in time we can look at making further changes.

As G321 GROUPS 2010-11 as Single Names                                                            

F6 mac grid JAN 2011                                                            

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