Wednesday, 19 January 2011


SEE ALSO PREVIOUS POST: Some Sound Advice, and note on boom

Although work on music especially can wait, you should be thinking about this; at least incorporating ideas about sound into your planning.
Each group should book time with John (for next week) to have looked at the software and process for creating your soundtracks.
If any of you are already adept at this, or play any instruments, I'd be grateful if you could identify yourself by commenting to this post!!! There is scope here to build up useful credit for future UCAS/job applications!
This can appear daunting, but every AS group, with or without prior experience of this, have done well with this, one of the hallmarks of the outstanding quality of IGS Media productions! Be thinking through ideas, and linking your ideas to existing examples.

I've previously blogged on this, so I'll keep this brief.
If you solely rely on the sound picked up through the cameras you'll find that shots recorded mere seconds apart sound very different - the air/wind for example can be highly audible, not something you'll be aware of when filming!

You can tweak sound files using software.
You could use the boom mic and/or digital sound recorder
You could (this is probably the best approach) record sound as normal BUT also record separate sound, including ALL dialogue, sound effects and 'ambient' sound (general background noise). This could be a specific role for one or more person, and something for the producer to closely supervise!
As always, test/experiment to get a clear sense of this for yourself.

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