Saturday, 16 June 2012

Storyboard templates

If you need any from home, you can use the doc below, one of several designs from
A note on storyboarding though - they are necessary, useful and gain marks, BUT its easy to be limited by them, and also to spend excessive time on drawing lovely pictures. Stickmen are fine; its just important you get proportions right to accurately represent the shot type, angle, framing etc.To make sure its clear what you intend, use screenplay-style written denotation too; try to use capitalised abbrevations (LA/HA/MA/DutchA; ECU/CU/MCU/MS/MLS/LS/ELS) + cam movement (pan, tilt, track; note if handheld)
ELS of house
transition - MLS on door
Storyboard Template 16x9                                                            

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