Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Screenshots and screen recording

We can't quite afford the most popular choice for this - Camtasia - but there is software built into the Macs to capture screenshots (there are also keyboard shortcuts for this, blogged on earlier) and record the screen: "Grab"
You need to go into FINDER; APPLICATIONS; UTLILITIES; GRAB   (or, in Finder just type Grab into the search box!)
This is the most effective means of showing how you've utilised software

You can also try QuickTime has has recording tools most people are unaware of (it also enables you to do basic edits).

When viewing DVDs you can also get screenshots or record short sequences to use in vodcasts using VLC. The following screenshots are from the Windows version.

Click on the picture to view full size, and follow these steps to ensure you have the option to record, and that you know where any snapshots (video or image) will be saved. You can also specifcy jpg or png as image file type.

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