Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Distributors + UK releases in 2011

I've posted on this in several past posts plus a links list, but one of the things you need to consider (look at the Evaluation questions) is which company might distribute your work, and you also need to consider/evidence that there is an audience for your idea/production.
So, you need to be looking at actual past releases, their distributor, box office, critical reception, awards, DVD sales etc
There are some things to consider: films with no distributor listed presumably failed to find a distributor willing to risk money financing a marketing campaign ... as most UK film productions do in our Hollywood-dominated market.
Box office flops can be DVD hits - famously The Shawshank Redemption, but also the British eg This is England.
Its worth thinking of a US distributor as well as a (separate) UK distributor.

Use the links list to research this, with such sites as:
Wiki of 2011 films
FilmDetail.com weekly list of UK releases in 2011
FilmDates.co.uk list recent and upcoming releases
Launchingfilms.com weekly release schedule

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