Friday, 24 February 2012

Futher points on AS blogs

Read the DETAILED post below as well as this...

Some quick points about your blogs at this stage:
  • many of you failing to make attractive multimedia a constant feature: long text-based posts need pics, links, embeds...
  • start any analysis of a film opening with info (dir, year, budget etc etc) as you've been instructed to!!! and - again as instructed - change font/colour for this initial info, each part of which set out on a new line (see post below with a good eg of these principles applied)
  • use semiotic terms
  • make it explicit which part/s of an opening MAY influence YOUR work/thinking
  • you MUST each provide a summary of what you learnt from the openings YOU looked at (remember: [1] general examples/media language and [2] genre examples/media language [ie conventions]
  • as discussed in class today, i'm seeing little detail on or planning for titles
  • never post a podcast/vid without some text explaining context/whats in it
  • you MUST be gathering up screenshots of films/editing/software as you go, and including these in posts (making use of caption tool for images)
  • as my example of a vodcast on layering in music vids (hopefully) showed, vodcasts are simple but are generally very impressive. try to avoid vodcasts with a single shot of talking heads. edit in screenshots. if its aud feedback, try filming feedback in CU or MCU and add in as a shot-in-shot (if you don't know how to in final cut, ask an A2 student or book 5-10mins with John to go through this)
  • um...use the coursework guide!!! at this stage you need to ensure your group has divvied up EVERY post task, and all of you have noted in your copy who is doing which post (initial ALL or 1 person beside every post listed in the guide, and check with each other on progress). spend some time checking you've shared everything relevant
  • also use my blog with links to all past IGS Media blogs to look for examples of good practice, things or resources you could use too

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