Sunday, 4 March 2012

Top 10 ... of YOUR vids!

Whilst trying to figure out why the channel page was saying 18,971 views for 3 straight days, I took a look at the analytics (which inform me that its now 19,341 views!); thought you might be interested in the all-time top 10 and current (Feb) top 10. These reflect the role of tags, which I generally take the time to do (and you can edit in even after uploading): without these its unlikely your own uploads will be found. As AS coursework is centred on new films, they're never likely to reach the same audience, though it was interesting to see a swede (the harry potter tag obviously being key) and compilation of idents (maybe through in-school promotion as well as Media students/teachers searching 'company ident'?) well up there.
So, here's the all-time and the Feb 2012 Top 10 IGSMediaStudies hits!
(Will the LipDub vid, silly ident and all, make it into March's top 10? Will Sunburnt in December counter all expectations of metalcore and trump over the girlband giants?! Will an imminent new compilation of AS company idents prove a fresh hit? I'll try to update these next month...)

Remember too, an event to celebrate the achievements of those of you who will have completed your 2-year Media journey has been mooted: its up to yourselves now to think about this, consult with parents and think about suitable venues - which doesn't have to be school.

The Alice Cooper vid's still hanging in there! A new one remains in the pipeline...
Other than class exercises/BritVid, the excellent Joy Division vid remains the all-time coursework champ. Could that face a new challenger?

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