Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q2 Repns + applying exam learning

Just looking at GB's excellent answer vid/post for this, and thought it worth sharing an illustration of how you can apply your ongoing exam-centred learning to your Eval.
When discussing social class, you can discuss how at the low budget end of UK film we often get w.cls protagonists (WTs early films + Billy Elliot, Mickybo + me; TisEng; films by dirs. Loach + Leigh etc), but at the higher budget end (WT...) m.cls characters are predominant (all the WT rom-coms).
Regional identity: again, at the higher budget end, we tend to get S.Eng accents/characters (WT rom-coms!). Regional accents in such movies signify stupidity, unsophisticated etc (eg Spike in N.Hill). Social realist films tend to centre on w.cls characters/protagonists though. Even at the low budget end (WTs Mickybo + me, albeit at £5m low only by WTs standards) regional accents represent a risk (M+me failed to get UK-wide distribution) ... but its not a simple 'rule': Billy Elliot did v well here + US despite the strong regional accents

There are many more possible examples of how you can apply your exam learning to your blog and espec Eval Qs...

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