Friday, 12 October 2012

Past coursework task

Will YOUR Media work topple one of these?! (March 2012 list)
Find the post on the coursework assessment criteria and save that document into your own MyDocs (and on any memory sticks for transferring home). Open the single sheet summary and keep it open - print off a copy if you wish.
Go to the IGSMediaStudies YouTube channel.
Find the 2008-9 AS coursework playlist.
Create a new blog post called Assessing a Past Coursework Opening.

You will be working in pairs, each on a different film opening - 1st come 1st served (shout out the name of the one you want to work on).
Watch it through twice, then make notes (blog) the following:
  1. the strongest feature of this opening
  2. the weakest feature of this opening
  3. any of the criteria you think it would rate excellent on
  4. any of the criteria you think it would rate minimal or basic on
  5. pick out and detail three particularly effective shots within this opening
  6. do the same commenting on 3 aspects of editing 
  7. NOW get together with another student who looked at a different past production and discuss your findings, plus any tips/insights you've gained on what to do/avoid.
Its vital you are aware of the assessment criteria as you research and plan your production, so make the most of the learning this task offers.
If you didn't take detailed notes from a second student in lesson time either arrange to do so or have a look yourself at a 2nd example, following the 7 steps above.

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