Tuesday, 1 October 2013


When blogging on this remember to:
  • state what the task is, using the exam board's explanation
  • highlight + explain each of the 3 editing techniques required
  • highlight + explain what continuity editing is
  • note anything you've learned from using hardware or software (cameras, uploading footage, editing software + tools used, exporting an edited file), including screenshots where appropriate
  • for any practical task reflect too on anything learned about planning, working with others/in a group etc
  • upload to your own YT channel
  • embed your prelim
  • start all blog posts with PRELIM: (eg, PRELIM: The Task + the Techniques Included)
Details on the prelim task can be found on the course summary handout or here. You can also access past student posts on this.

You will eventually have to answer an Evaluation Question (1 of 7) on this; you can find details on this here.

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