Monday, 28 January 2013

Blogging class notes on film openings

The final girl/scream queen binary: Laurie has the school books, the scream queen has makeup!
You can find a detailed guide on what/how to blog here.
We're going to look today at the final girl archetype, Laurie Strode: read more about the theory behind this idea here.

Again, the scream queen smokes signifying her 'deviancy'
Screenshots are always key to back up points made; I've provided a couple for you in this post you can save and upload into your own posts.

Here's how I'd set out a post looking at a film opening.

POST TITLE: Needs to be kept brief, and a numbering system helps, either OpeningEG1: This is England or SlasherEG1: Halloween (orig).

LINKS LISTS: Feed these into separate links lists for general examples of film openings analysed and slasher examples analysed. Again, see the detailed post for actual examples from past students.
HEADING/SUB-HEADINGS: Remember that your post title always appears in a large font above your post, so there's no point in repeating it. For films, note title, director, year, main production co/s (separately note main distribution co's too if you've not yet done Eval Q3), budget, and box office (depending on whats available that may be UK and/or UK and/or worldwide; remember, you can try too; you're not noting weekend figures), and a rating, either from IMDB or Links to official sites or the Wiki can also be useful (for you, as well as the blog reader). Depending how long your post is, you might also be using further sub-headings, eg representations, editing of stalking scene, etc. You should always change the font/bold/colour of headings/sub-headings. In the case of films, you're also looking for relevant hyperlinks.
Here's an example:

(John Carpenter, 1978)
PRODUCED BY: Compass International Pictures, Falcon International Productions
DISTRIBUTED BY: Compass, Mid-America Releasing (USA), Miracle Films (UK) [full list]
BUDGET: $325k
BOX OFFICE: $70m worldwide (original release), up to $240m by the 2012 re-release
RATINGS: IMDB 7.9, rottentomatoes 94%
MY RATING: 10/10 

You can view the opening on YouTube (not embedded as the clip contains 18-rated material). 


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