Thursday, 15 November 2012

CASTING: Using vid+social networks

For both AS and A2 part of your R+P marks are for casting, as part of your overall organisation of the production. The markscheme quite accurately reflects the range of challenges facing commercial film-makers and video producers.
I stumbled across the following vid looking for something else, but it is a useful example of how you can use video and social networks not just to get 'audience feedback' but also to help with pre-production tasks too.
The typical student production gets cast informally through approcahing friends; thats fair enough, but doesn't help with respect to evidencing 'organisation of actors'. Being able to evidence effort made to reach out for cast, and film some brief clips of a casting session would be highly beneficial. It would also help you clarify precisely what your notion of each character is! Plus - you may well encounter unexpected volunteer actors that you don't currently know too well socially.
If any of you do get such vids made, I can email round tutor groups, ask to get them screened in assemblies, or screened in the P-16 centre during lunchtime (while you guys can of course take to Twitter, FB etc and push them yourselves):

(I was searching in YouTube; try 'slasher openings' and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at some of the most prominent results in this global site!)

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