Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Final Cut Pro X video tutorials

IzzyVideo's free tutorials will help with using FCProX!
There are many online sources, including Apple itself (any YOU can recommend, please pass on a URL as a comment below), but I've found this (FREE!) one very useful. The vids are a bit longer than they need to be, but they are very clear. Some aspects of the layout are a little different (FCPX has been updated since it was launched), but that shouldn't pose a major problem.
IzzyVideo FCPX video tutorials
(or you can spend £30+ on books!)

I've copied in the full list below:

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Overview of the Interface
  3. Keywords and Ratings
  4. Different Kinds of Edits
  5. Overwrite Editing
  6. Using Markers
  7. Clip Appearance
  8. Tools
  9. The Precision Editor
  10. Transitions
  11. Transition Details
  12. Titles
  13. Transforming
  14. Built-In Video Effects
  15. Clip Effects
  16. Generators
  17. Compound Clips
  18. Storylines
  19. Auditions
  20. Retiming Clips for slow motion and fast motion
  21. Clip analysis for stabilization and color balance
  22. Color Correction, Video Scopes, Color Boards, and Color Match
  23. Importing from a Video Camera
  24. Sharing and exporting your video project
  25. Managing Your Media and Projects
  26. Conclusion

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