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This post is along the same lines as the post for Sept-Oct Learning, meaning you've got an easy point of reference for all tasks + don't need to search for info on any task.
The list starts with posts which overlap from the end of Oct on microdrama pitching + planning.
As repeatedly mentioned, you're advised to work ahead where you can and manage your workload effectively. By the end of this half-term you will each have pitched a proposal for a slasher film opening; a lot of the work before then centres on researching the genre and analysing examples from the genre, so you should start on that NOW. There are plenty of books on this in the Lib + in K5, plus a range of DVDs you can borrow, including feature length documentaries (you could get together in small groups to watch some of these + discuss/share notes)
There are opportunities to use slasher films you've already analysed for multiple tasks, so it will pay dividends to look ahead and browse through the various task posts, and strive to organise your own workload.

In most cases there will be a blog post with further information on any homework set. Blogging on learning from the previous week’s lessons should be complete and updated for the following Monday. Dates below reflect the days we have a Media lesson. This half-term’s deadlines have been set to facilitate working ahead on substantive tasks for weeks 11-15.

IGSMediaStudies YT Top 10 Vids Oct 2012: 2011 vodcast #3!
WEEK 9 (6-9 Nov): Tuesday 6th: have completed microdrama shoot (if not already done before half-term break) + blogging on planning process + the shoot (organisation, roles etc). Note that the Codes + Conventions vodcast that should have been completed in week7 will now be screened and discussed in week10. [Microdrama guide; vodcast guide]

WEEK 10 (12-16 Nov): Monday 12th: have blogged on learning from film festival masterclasses (+ update as necessary for Tues 13th following Monday’s discussion). Microdrama to be completed + on blogs for Thurs 15th lesson. Cs+Cs group vodcast [from week7] will be screened on Tues 13th. [guides as noted for Week 9, also in Sept-Oct guide]

Use my Horror blog!
WEEK 11 (19-23 Nov): If not completed in lesson time last week, complete your ‘General film openings Cs + Cs summary’ post for Monday 19th. Franchise vodcast for Friday 23rd (playable on blog as YouTube embed). Blog notes from others’ vodcasts for Monday 26th. [Franchise vodcast guide]

WEEK 12 (26-29 Nov): Monday 26th:Idents Idea/s’ post (+blog notes from others’ vodcasts from Friday 23rd). Ident to be completed + handed in by the end of Thursday 29th lesson. Thurs 29th: complete ‘Titles + idents in 4 slasher openings’ task [which you can work on Mon/Tues/Thurs when not working on idents]. [Idents guide; Titles in 4 egs guide]

WEEK 13 (4-7 Dec): Tuesday 4th: Blog on learning from last week’s lessons (incl. ident work). Friday 7th: vodcast/blog on editing/shot selection of 1 chase/stalking scene + 1 killing scene. [Titles in ... guide; Editing in ... guide]

WEEK 14 (10-14 Dec): Monday 10th: blogging from last week’s lessons. Thurs 13th: Pitch (90 seconds, with any supporting materials on your blog as a video file, even if there is no audio). Any unsatisfactory pitches will be redone on Monday 17th, and those students barred from joining any group until they have presented a thoroughly researched and prepared pitch. Friday 14th: ‘Narrative/Representations in 3 slasher openings’ task (for which you can refer back to examples you have already examined). [Pitching guide; Narr/Reps in... guide]

WEEK 15 (17-20 Dec): Mon 16th/Tues 17th: as a group negotiate + agree your blog/R+P tasks for these 2 lessons and for returning on January 7th. (post on blog as 'Initial SCHEDULE Dec-Jan')

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