Thursday, 25 September 2014

Following other blogs

Coursework groups should 'follow' each others' blogs, but you should also follow any of mine relevant to your AS/A2 course. There used to be clickable 'follow my blog' links on all blogger blogs, but no longer. Now, you go into your blogger dashboard, look for 'reading list', click add, copy/paste the blog URL (and click on 'add more' to add 3 at a time.

This means as part of your dashboard you'll see at a glance if there are any new posts on any blog you follow, and you can also click on that blog's name to get a list of all posts (and either click on a post title to go to that one post or the blog name to go to that blog in a new tab).

My dashboard lists my own blogs in the top half; below it lists blogs I follow
Just click on 'add' to get the window you see below, where you add blog URLs you want to follow
You can add up to 3 at a time: click the '+Add' and you can add more

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