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Queens, Kittens + QR Codes: Film about Media coursework

NB: Most DVDs have been packaged in a slimline case
A Bit of Background on the IGS Media 2014 DVD
In June 2014 I decided to put together a 2nd feature-length film on my A-Level Media Studies students' work; in September 2014 it was finally completed, and this post takes you through what it is all about, what to expect and what specifically is included.
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Why a 'Pound+' Price?
Any proceeds from sales will go the Movember charity. I've provided the discs and cases myself; every penny received will be passed on, and given the costs involved I think a quid is a fair minimum price, although this is just a request: any payment is down to your own discretion.

Link for Movember donation
Where can I get a copy?
DVDs and a Movember collection box are available at Ilkley Grammar School reception, or the Media classroom, K5, through Mr Burrowes. If you would like to have a copy posted, please contact me on my school email:

What is Included in the film/DVD?
I've followed a simple chapter-style structure, which can be navigated through the DVD menu or just using your remote's skip button. A short opening montage of scenes from each student production is followed by a monologue by yours truly attempting to explain the film's rationale while also exploring the contested status of the subject itself.

There are 3 AS productions (the opening 2mins of a new feature film including titles) and 3 A2 promotional packages of music video, digipak (CD sleeve) and magazine ads; after a compilation of clips from past IGS film/video productions there is a featurette on each 2014 production followed by the final cut, with the films first then the music videos. There is additional material over the end credits too.
There are short compilations of past AS and A2 productions
Contents in Brief:
Intro montage/monologue;
Past AS compilation;
AS film featurette followed by the final cut of that film x 3 (Liar, School's Out, Handyman)
Past A2 compilation;
A2 music video featurette followed by the final cut of that video x 3 (Storm Queen: Look Right Through, Atomic Kitten: It's OK, Faithless: Insomnia), with clips from additional videos (Adam Ant, Ozzy Osbourne, Pussycat Dolls), plus a complete One Direction/1D video;
End credits featuring a complete Lady Gaga video.
The DVD is chaptered for easy navigation
What's It Really About?
In brief, its a look behind the final productions, trying to show some of the wider, unseen work that went on behind each. If the final cuts are the serene swans gliding along, the film also shows the legs pumping furiously under the surface!
Our YouTube channel carries much more!

It is easy to get blasé and take for granted student film and video productions; having been teaching here (Ilkley Grammar School, a West Yorkshire comprehensive on the edge of the moors) for six years now, there have been many impressive final cuts released into the wild. With this feature-length documentary film, running time 92mins, I wanted to provide a glimpse into the extensive research, planning and general application of digital, social media tools - not to mention the role that theory plays in the practical half of the course (the exam and coursework being equally weighted at 50%) - underpinning each student production.
Each final film/video is preceded by a behind-the-scenes feature

There really is no subject like it for fostering EQ as much as IQ; for challenging and developing vital transferrable skills valued in business, academia and cultural pursuits straddling the two. A successful Media student has to research existing conventions, hone and test out their own ideas, having pitched, business-style, to try and attract others to work with them. They have to undertake location scouting, casting and organise shoots at various times and places, at the same time providing clear direction (which in the case of music video can involve dance choreography) to their performers, who typically lack acting experience, although links are growing with the excellent Art, Photography, Dance, Drama and Music departments and students within our Creative Arts faculty. They have to organise test screenings and gather then respond to audience feedback. Everything they do has to be slickly presented through a multimedia blog, which includes podcasts, vodcasts and a mountain of hyperlinks, images and written work.
Click to enlarge; this was the 1st feature-length film about our work

I enjoyed this DVD - are there any more?
Our YouTube channel hosts 100s of rough/final cuts, vodcasts etc, while there is a prequel film which tracks the students of 2010-12 through their two-year A-Level, featuring their generally excellent final music videos in full. There is also a compilation of the 2011 music videos, and the 2009 AS film productions. If interested in any of these please get in touch using the contact details above.
Another previous DVD!

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