Monday, 10 November 2014

The Rom-Com Audience

To go about investigating the rom-com audience I would consider:
  • online searches, variations of 'rom-com box office' with other keywords such as 'uk' 'world' 'all-time' etc
  • blogs and columns dedicated to box office analysis, not least the Film Guardian series on UK, US or global box office
  • check the Wiki entry to see if there is a box office list/discussion
    Images + video/audio clips were included in this audience research vid
  • look up book indexes and have a flick through magazines/journals such as Sight and Sound or the Media Magazine
  • have a look at the archive (and links lists) on my BritishCinema, AS Coursework and Rom-Com blogs
As well as such secondary research, you could conduct your own unique primary research by investigating whether, for example, there is recognition of a range of rom-com films/characters/soundtracks, by designing an interactive questionnaire using some audio-visual stimulus. The example pictured (on Amber's 2015 A2 blog) is for a music video production, but the principles remain the same - you can use the audience links/posts on my blogs, and past student blogs (including the TWO AS Evaluation questions on audience) to help with researching audience as well!
I've had a quick look at some of these, and have picked out just a few points below. Be clear on why you are researching the nature of any genre's audience (or market):