Friday, 8 January 2016

IDENTS an overview

I'm not going to much content to this post - instead, use the IDENTS label/tag from the tag cloud on this blog.

At the time of writing 4 posts were tagged with 'idents'.

You can also find a links list with plentiful useful links to help accelerate your research on these.

You needn't spend too much time on this. You can present your findings as a standard, illustrated post or as a short vodcast (I've done a vodcast on this topic, see below) - which you can then re-use later as an element for your Evaluation work.

Your research should include looking at 10 or more examples (you could split this up if working in a group), and answering these questions. DO note countertypical, unconventional examples too, especially if you intend to challenge conventions:

  1. How long is a typical ident? (time a range of examples and make a decision on what seems 'typical')
  2. Are idents usually tied to the genre?
  3. Do they have (non-)diegetic sound? Music?
  4. Animated/moving or still image?
  5. How is the company name handled (font, animation, positioning, editing with sound etc)
  6. Are they always very sophisticated, CGI-spectaculars?
You can also simply access playlists of past coursework and skip after idents to quickly view a range of student idents!

An overview of idents

Using LiveType for idents

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A nice range of approaches!


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