Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Conventions vodcasts

This is one of the most important coursework tasks. You're marked not just on the level of your research but also how you APPLIED this research. There is no upper limit on how many texts you could/should look at. You needn't always do so in great detail - it is very useful to pick out a single topic and look at multiple (always try for at least 5) examples on this.

Multiple mini-vodcasts on single topics are even better than main (separate) general and genre conventions vodcasts. Main vodcasts should be close to 10mins if a good level of research is being presented, while mini vodcasts (based on the usual approach of identifying 10 themes or sections) might be snappy 1min productions.

I have summed up what makes a good vodcast here.

Before going any further, have a look at the guide post for your Evaluation ('Explanation' in CAIE speak) question 1. If your work is high quality now, this task will be MUCH easier to do and do well.

There are guides for all Eval Qs, including Q1a (I suggest splitting it into 2). It really is helpful being aware of these from the start, as blogging along the way should make these much easier to tackle successfully.

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