Monday, 17 December 2012


More detail is provided at the original, main pitching post.
You will, as a group, re-pitch twice: Weds Jan 9th WkB P5 + Tues Feb 12th WkA P1. Note, however, that I will frequently ask random group members to go through similar points without notes during lessons in Jan/Feb: every group member needs to be in clear ownership of the idea and production.

Re-pitches must be accompanied by suitable, relevant (audio-)visual material to illustrate your concept, in the form of a video clip that will not be paused (as before: one click to play only so nobody is hunched over a computer).
Also as before: any group that fails to deliver a convincing, very thorough re-pitch and/or fails to satisfactorily answer reasonable questions put to them by classmates or myself will have to re-pitch each lesson until this is achieved.

Use my detailed post and the notes sheet for guidance: you each need to be absolutely clear on evry aspect of your production. The re-pitches provide an opportunity to get feedback from your peers as well as me, including suggestions on improvements, changes or simply useful texts to view.

Every time you get feedback, whether from me, a classmate or other source, always reflect and blog - what change/s (if any) will you make as a result? That may include scheduling some reading or viewing, or additional shoots/location scouting etc. We will again film these re-pitches to give you the chance to fully reflect on everything that is said.

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