Friday, 19 February 2016

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES Soundcloud Divshare + embedding podcasts/MP3s

See this post for a guide on getting an embed code for audio uploads, and on resizing that embedded player.

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Prezi + other PowerPoint alternatives

Something you need to consider for your Evaluation - and use at earlier stages of blogging too.

See this post.

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Free infographics tools

A great option for attractively presenting some of your research and analysis; see this post.


Great way to show your use of technology as well as to help evidence time management (and organisation of cast to boot if you share this with cast!!!), so just the three assessment criteria this can help with then!

Conal (A2 2014-15) produced his own guide, which you can read here. This group embedded their calendar at the bottom of the blog, a smart idea - I clicked back to December 2014 to get the screenshot below:

Thursday, 18 February 2016

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Gadgets to add to your blogs

We will be adding some initial gadgets; you should be adding more as your blog grows. You are marked on Use of ICT, Presentation (of blog), and communication skills; these help with all of these, and will also make your blogs more helpful for you too.

You access 'gadgets' through LAYOUT and then clicking on ADD A GADGET. After you add each gadget drag them below your blog archive (unless its introductory TEXT or IMAGE of yourself or, later, the group) and SAVE ARRANGEMENT.

1: RSS FEED: Many websites enable you to display hyperlinked lists of recent articles by providing a link for a 'RSS feed'. If you can't see this you can always try adding /rss to the end of a website/page link and see if it works here. This helps make your blog more of a hub for your learning. When going through the steps just now (to generate screenshots), for example, I noticed an article on Richard Curtis and rom-coms which will be useful for your exam! try adding (and modifying) this link: Remember: once you're done click save to keep the RSS feed, then drag it below your blog archive and click SAVE ARRANGEMENT along the top.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016