Friday, 6 April 2012

Final R+P pointers/feedback

pointers; other schools' work; further points; tips for high marks; good eg of post on sample film opening; genre vodcast (+ instructions); YouTube annotation tool; YouRTube; pod/vodcasts guide; exam board report on past IGS work; the brief, Eval + how its all marked; Polldaddy; call sheets + production logs; storyboard templates; changing post dates; eg of behind-scenes vid; post titles in groups; blog intro; post titles + openings analyses; film opening presentations; screenplays + narrative; casting + creativity; treatments; mise-en-scene task (+ decon); being creative with blog vids; BoxOfficeMojo; quoting/referencing sources; adding audio to your blog; class of 2009 tips; image rights; [ALL egs FROM THIS BLOG ONLY; MANY MORE ON DBHORROR + BRITCINEMA BLOGS; UPDATED 8TH APRIL 2012]

You've now all received detailed feedback and marking. If you look through this blog's archive you'll find previous posts detailing key points. Here's a few that kept coming up with yours (much of this is in the cwk guide...):
  • use the coursework guide!!! you're missing a lot of what's covered/detailed/suggested in there
  • use past blogs to help (quality is variable) - have you applied what you learned from looking at a past student's work way back in October? (look back at what you wrote!)
  • The Eval and R+P, as I've kept saying in lessons after lesson, are closely interlinked - as you improve your Eval feed any useful points/materials/research back into your R+P posts
  • You should be collaborating on the Eval, but need to be clear on what it is you're aiming to achieve. Pass on everything new (email links to each post you update so each can use it); sit down and split up prep on the Eval Qs so that each is sourcing images/vids/links for 2, 3 or 4 of the 7 Qs, plus any initial brainstorming (bullet list) of points to make which each person can add to/modify – you really should try to help each other out, just voice/write final points yourselves
  • Its vital you build up a stock of screenshots for using in both Eval and R+P (in some cases you might need to list screenshots to get when we're back and you can access the DVD, but in many cases a google search might find what you need, and many openings are viewable on YouTube)
  • Company blog should never mention 'the class': its written by professionals for a potential audience for their new film: tweak your posts so they're clearly written from this perspective, and ditch any 'ALL' or initials in post titles
  • Post titles are too often a mystery or mis-leading. for film opening analyses its worth considering a numbering system: OpeningEG1: Warriors (and so forth)
  • Too few links lists. You should be able to create links lists for each assessment criteria. Having posts which summarize major elements of you work (each of these can include links to relevant posts too) would help.
  • Too little evidence of wider research/reading - it should be easy to add a links list on 'Useful research sources used'
  • Too little consideration of audience - use cwk guide, and in posts on RCut + planning always address the tgt aud, including both core/primary and secondary. The info you need for Q3/4/5 should all be fed back into earlier posts!!!
  • No evidence of storyboards, call sheets etc = marks thrown away. Scan/photograph + embed. If necessary, re-create these. In most cases too little detail/evidence of any work done to modify mise-en-scene, direct cast, creatively control costume etc etc
  • Needed for Eval Q1 never mind the R+P - are clear, detailed summaries of what you consider to be the main conventions of (1) the format of film openings (2) slasher openings; which you should then be referencing when you're posting about your idea/updates, filming + response to aud feedback (to show you're applying this learning). Thats an absolutely fundamental aspect of the blog
  • scary movie is well worth re-viewing (espec the opening killing of scream queen) as it explicitly shows up the dubious representation of women and how this is done for a male audience's pleasure, but also as it exposes the conventions of the genre full stop
  • Proofread!! Check your blog for simple spelling errors - espec in post titles - and excessive blank space, or images/text/vids going over the main blog frame into the right-hand column.
  • Make use of caption tool when adding images, and generally put in with text, don't sep out so that text is above and below - and especially don't dump them all at the bottom of a post

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