Thursday, 13 December 2012

Jan-Feb deadlines + details

The AS Media has 2 equally-weighted units: coursework and exam. Instead of separately working on each, we endeavour to fuse theory and practice throughout the year, using filming/editing exercises to enhance learning of theory, and using theory to enhance learning of filmmaking. Many of the case studies we explore can be used in exam essays.
Students need to build up notes and resources for the 7 Evaluation Qs as we go, otherwise they are likely to struggle. Unpublished draft posts are a useful means of doing this. When pod/vodcasting, don't forget this post which has examples (including chatshow style vodcasts)and further links.

In this half-term we:

  1. Examine one area of representation each week (exam section 1 + coursework Evaluation Q2): gender, age, sexuality, regional identity, dis/ability, class & status (ethnicity next half-term)
  2. Progress to step 9 of 10 on coursework, having already gone through steps 1-4. This means researching + defining target audience; investigating + evidencing mise-en-scene considerations (costume, locations, props etc) + casting (including addressing representations); teaser trailer and treatment; storyboards, animatic, production schedule, screenplay; sample scenes + rough cuts.
  3. Take substantive notes on all 7 Evaluation Qs throughout the half-term; you will complete Q3 (distributor) and draft Q2 (representations).
  4. In the final week you re-pitch your production idea and revise the production schedule with principle shooting to be completed for returning on 25th March.

Blogging on learning from the previous week’s lessons should be complete (multimedia and well presented) and updated for the following Monday, though students have the option of blogging instead of writing notes in lessons.
As most students work in groups for coursework, there are opportunities to divide up many of these tasks within the group.

WEEK-B 16 (7-11 Jan): 9th: Re-pitch. 11th: ‘Slasher Genre: An Overview’ vodcast (1 per production group, as is the case for all vodcasts unless stated). (Re-pitch; Genre Overview group vodcast)

WEEK-A 17 (14-18 Jan): 17th: Evaluation Q3 (distributor) completed. Also blog posts ‘Budget’, ‘Target Audience’ and ‘Distribution for our film’ which all overlap with Q3. (Q3; Posts on budget, tgt aud, distribution)

WEEK-B 18 (21-25 Jan): 22nd: ‘Casting, characters, & mise-en-scene’ vodcast. 25th: ‘Are we creating ‘British’ Cinema?’ (group) podcast or vodcast (your choice) for class discussion.

WEEK-A 19 (28-1 Feb): 31st: Teaser trailer + treatment.

WEEK-B 20 (4-8 Feb): 5th: Rough Cut1. 8th: Pre-production complete, including storyboards, schedule, call sheets, animatic + screenplay.

WEEK-A 21 (11-15 Feb): 12th: Rough Cut2 + re-pitch2 + final draft schedule, including blogging tasks. 14th: Final, revised schedule + essay ‘Representations within our production’.

I will explore the possibility of opening up K5 for one day during the break to enable uploading/editing footage if there is sufficient demand (requests via comments or email). Any outstanding filming should be completed before we return. Blog, final cut and all Evaluation Qs are to be completed for March 14th.

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